Hole is back


It has been about 6 years or so since I last wrote on this blog. Life happened I guess! But I once again have the envy to express myself: document things I experiment, publish experiences I do. Always about computer sciences, what else!

What changed?

Well, quite a lot changed in 6 years, professionally and personally but I’m not here to talk about my life. However, I can say that my topics of interest evolved and also narrowed in some ways. I’m still pretty much interested in a lot of things and here are the non-exhaustive list of things I’ve touch in the last years.


With front-end and back-end, I experimented with a lot of different technologies build tools, automatic integration and deployment. I tried the async/await before it was wide-spread (with some exotic configuration of Babel transpiler). With it, I obviously tried some CSS frameworks too (LESS, PostCSS) as well as templating for HTML (like Jade). I tried to explore the HTML5 world as much as possible.


I also discovered Docker which I used quite a lot for development. I was not confident enough to use it for deployment in production most of the time but as a developer tool, it was wonderful to install different database version or some MQ tools without polluting my own OS. And I used Docker almost exclusively through Docker Compose.


I love and don’t like this language at the same time. I love it so much because it has the richest ecosystem that I know. But I also don’t like it that much because, well, the language is not that fun to write. Maybe the only other language with such a rich ecosystem is C but in a much more chaotic way. In Java, you have tons of very complete tools for doing pretty much anything. Testing in Java is awesome. Build tools are quite complete (Maven might be slow and XML but you can pretty much do anything with it). I’d like to try Gradle at some point. And so much more, Junit5, asserting libraries like AssertJ, code quality and coverage with SonarQube (this tool is so excellent).


More recently, I’ve been able to find much more time to explore my curiosity about, I can say it now, this wonderful language and community that is Rust. And Rust ecosystem is actually the reason why at some point, I wanted to unearth this blog. I won’t talk much more about it since future blog post will probably talk about it.


I also took a look at things like Go, Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, Gitlab CI, CodingGame, VueJS, WebAssembly, WebExtensions and I probably forgot more of them.

What else?

Well, I’ve changed the way I deploy this blog, using Gitlab CI. It’s now much easier than it used to be to write a new blog post because it’s only about adding a ASCIIDoc file into the repository, and Gitlab take care of the rest.


What, do we really need a conclusion? Well, see you in the next blog post!