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  1. vim running Rust tests


    If you ever used VS Code to edit Rust source code, you might already know you can launch just the test you care about.

    Run a Rust test in VSCode

    But I love too much Vim to convert to VSCode. And yes, I know there is a Vim plugin but these emulation plugins are never …

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  2. Hole is back


    It has been about 6 years or so since I last wrote on this blog. Life happened I guess! But I once again have the envy to express myself: document things I experiment, publish experiences I do. Always about computer sciences, what else!

    What changed?

    Well, quite a lot …

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  3. Rust testing ecosystem


    I’ve been working with Rust daily for a year now and generally, I have been very happy with this language and it’s ecosystem. Of course, the ecosystem is still pretty new, a lot of things are missing or incomplete but it’s only a five year’s …

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  4. Displaying dates and time in Gnuplot


    When you need to display some specific data in Gnuplot, it may be hard. However, for dates, it is easy, there is already a functionality.

    For example, if you want to display date and hour base on a timestamp you have in your data, you can and that is …

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  5. Gnuplot graphic with 2 different scales


    Gnuplot is a nice tool to create graphics. However, sometimes, we need more specific functionalities we may think Gnuplot does not have. A deeper look into Gnuplot functionalities show us that it is a very powerfull tool!

    Yesterday, I needed to create a graphic with 2 curves on it …

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  6. Replace multi-lines pattern with sed


    Let’s define this problem by an example. This is the kind of text I want to modify.

    # include <stdio.h>
    void main(int argc, char ** argv) {
    	printf("Hello world!\n");
    	printf("Version 2.0\n\
    			You can use this program as you want.\n");
    	return 0;

    This is …

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  7. Installing Movim on PostgreSQL


    Do you know Movim? You should take a look if you’re interesting in social network that are trying to take care of your privacy. With it, you own your data.

    OK, that’s great…​ but that means that you must install it on your server. Let’s do …

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