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  1. `cargo-sonar`

    Announcing cargo-sonar

    For a few days, I’ve been working on a small project called cargo-sonar and now is the time to make it public.


    Sonar [1] is a great tool for managing the quality of your software. Although, you might disagree if you’ve been using it 10 …

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  2. Dynamic iterators


    If you ever tried to return an Iterator from a function and had difficulties with it, this article might help.

    Let’s introduce a context first. Imagine for a minute you’re trying to define a trait to list the colors of anything. For example, you could implement this …

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  3. vim running Rust tests


    If you ever used VS Code to edit Rust source code, you might already know you can launch just the test you care about.

    Run a Rust test in VSCode

    But I love too much Vim to convert to VSCode. And yes, I know there is a Vim plugin but these emulation plugins are never …

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  4. Displaying dates and time in Gnuplot


    When you need to display some specific data in Gnuplot, it may be hard. However, for dates, it is easy, there is already a functionality.

    For example, if you want to display date and hour base on a timestamp you have in your data, you can and that is …

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