Install XWiki on Arch Linux


In this article, I detail the installation of Java and XWiki on an freshly installed Arch Linux. I will use the open source implementation of Java, OpenJDK and the generic installer of XWiki 5.2.

Install Java

On Arch Linux with OpenJDK, you need to install the jre7-openjdk and jdk7-openjdk packages.

$ pacman -S jre7-openjdk jdk7-openjdk

Install XWiki

You first need to download the generic installed on

Once it is done, you can launch the installer with root privileges.

$ java -jar xwiki-enterprise-installer-generic-5.2-standard.jar

You can now follow the instruction. I choose to install XWiki into /opt/xwiki-5.2. If it is your first installation, you should install the Default Wiki because it will create a bunch of useful wiki pages to start.

When installation is finished, the installer asks for icon creation. I disable all icon creation because we do not really need them.

To finish this installation, I created a symbolic link on the directory of XWiki installation.

$ cd /opt
$ ln -s xwiki-5.2/ xwiki

Launch XWiki

To launch XWiki, you have a start script into the freshly installed directory.

$ cd /opt/xwiki
$ sh

You should now be able to access your installed XWiki on http://localhost:8080 and enjoy!


Log in

To log in this newly installed XWiki, you may use the default account:

  • login: “Admin”

  • password: “admin”

Applications for developers

If you want to develop some new applications for XWiki, you may install the following applications:

  • Collection Application: Makes easier the creation of a XAR file

  • Syntax Highlighting Application: Syntax highlighting for source, even for Velocity

  • AutoCompletion Application: Autocompletion in Velocity code

To install them, you need to be logged in with the Admin'' accound. Then, click on More applications” in the panel on the right. You will see “Install new applications”; you can click on it.

Then search for each extension and click the Install'' button on the right then the Continue” button.

Reveal hidden pages

By default, XWiki hide some pages, mainly pages that are for developers and should not be displayed to a lambda user when using the search field (on the top-right). However, this could difficult to find some useful pages for a developer.

To make these page visible, you need to be logged in with the Admin'' account. Then go in the Preferences” in the profile (right in the top-bar). Click on the edit button (the little pen of the top right of the gray frame). You will have the possibility to change the property DISPLAY HIDDEN DOCUMENTS'' to Yes”.

You may also change the DEFAULT EDITOR TO USE'' to Text” if you do not want WYSIWYG edition by default.