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  1. Problem with suspend on Linux


    The suspend can be achieved with the power button (default configuration on GNOME 3) or with the Fn+F1 shortcut. After a fresh installation of Arch Linux, it worked but since few days, it does not resume well.

    The symptoms: the computer (ASUS N750JV) is suspend and when resume …

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  2. Fix a problem with fonts in web browser

    The problem

    In your browser, you may have problems on some websites displaying strange fonts. For example, you may have seen the following fonts on Github.

    Font problem in web browser

    This problem is due to bitmap font.


    To deactivate bitmap fonts, you can use existing font configuration files you can find into /etc …

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  3. Installing printer on GNOME 3


    Installing a printer on an Arch Linux with GNOME 3 seems to be a little bugged. The printer is a HP LaserJet M1536 on an intranet (not a direct plugging).

    Installing the service for printers

    What else than CUPS? You can install the cups package which is the main …

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  4. Installing Skype on Arch Linux 64 bits


    Skype is a mess since there is always problem using it on Linux. However, it’s probably one of the best VoIP software and at least, one of the most used, especially in business communications.

    The installation proposed in this article is to install Skype on a 64 bits …

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  5. Install XWiki on Arch Linux


    In this article, I detail the installation of Java and XWiki on an freshly installed Arch Linux. I will use the open source implementation of Java, OpenJDK and the generic installer of XWiki 5.2.

    Install Java

    On Arch Linux with OpenJDK, you need to install the jre7-openjdk and …

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  6. Configure X server


    To configure the X server on an fresh install of Arch Linux, you need:

    • Install the graphic driver

    • Remove nouveau or any nvidia driver

    • Install a desktop environment (GNOME in this case)

    • Configure the trackpad

    Install the graphic driver

    In this article, I will not detail the procedure to …

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