Problem with suspend on Linux


The suspend can be achieved with the power button (default configuration on GNOME 3) or with the Fn+F1 shortcut. After a fresh installation of Arch Linux, it worked but since few days, it does not resume well.

The symptoms: the computer (ASUS N750JV) is suspend and when resume, freeze with a screen showing some information about resume. Nothing to do except holding the power button for a hard shutdown.

Manage the problem

It seems that there is some hardware problems on resume. The best way to manage that is to blacklist these hardware. When looking at the freezing screen, the first problem is given by the the nouveau driver. In order to blacklist the nouveau driver, we will add the following line into the /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf file. You can use any file into this directory; as long as it its name ends with .conf, it will be parsed.

blacklist nouveau

After after a reboot, you should now be able to suspend your computer and resume it without a freeze!